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What is this website for?

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Where to start at

To start open your Control panel and click 'Create profile' button. Fill the form with you name and surname and click the 'Add profile' button. You will see a black rectangle with your name under it. Click on your name to complete your profile.

The next step is filling the Profile Info form. This information will be used for the composite along with Profile measurements. Please fill the forms with your current statistics as they are important for your future employers. You can enter your measurements in either metric or imperial units. Don't forget to click 'Update' buttons after you are done with forms.

How to upload photos?

The next step is choosing pictures for your composite card. Click on 'Add photos' button on your CONTROL PANEL section and wait for pop-up to show up. Click the 'Browse Files' button on the pop-up to find suitable photos on a computer. You can select multiple pictures at once. The picture you want to use for the front photo should be at least 410 pixels in width and 414 pixels in high. The photos for the backside of a composite card should be at least 144 pixels in width and 194 pixels in high. Make sure you choose high quality pictures; otherwise your composite card might look poor when printed. The pictures you choose will appear in 'Upload Queue' displayed on the pop-up. If you have changed your mind, you can delete unwanted pictures by clicking minus sign next to them. If you are satisfied with chosen photos, click the 'Upload' button. Please upload at least five pictures to make a proper composite card. You can close the upload pop-up by clicking the 'Finish' button.

How to create a composite card?

Make sure you have filled the information forms and uploaded your pictures. Now when you have everything needed for a composite card, click the 'Create composite' button on your CONTROL PANEL section. You will see a blank composite card with rectangles dedicated to your pictures and information. Click on any rectangle and choose a photo. You will see that a certain part of a photo is selected. You can move and change the selection to choose the ideal crop for your composite card. Once you have chosen it, click on 'Crop selection' button. You can put all pictures on a composite card this way. The rectangle under the front photo should contain your full name. Simply click on it and type your information in the field. The other thing needed for a composite card is your measurements. Click on 'enter your measurements here' field to choose measurement system and click 'Set measurements' button. Your choice should depend on your country or the modeling market you want to target. If you have followed all the steps, your composite card should be completed.

What else do I need to know?

You can create as many composite cards as you want. The last saved composite is displayed on your ID page. The last picture chosen as front photo is displayed as your default picture on the models list. All the composite cards created by you are listed on your control panel.

How do I print my composite card?

All the composite cards created by you are listed on your control panel. Click on the 'Download Saved' button under a composite to download it on a computer. You can now open and print your composite card.

What is MODELS section?

You can view other composite cards on the MODELS section. All the composite cards are sorted by models nationalities.

What is CONATCT US section for?

Feel free to choose CONTACT US section if you would like to send us your feedback.

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